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Location Analytics in Smart City.

From Particle Physics to Indoor Positioning.

Inspired by subatomic particles movement tracking while participating in Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment, Dr. Jack Tam and Dr. Jimmy Ngai invented an proprietary indoor positioning algorithm for humans and assets. Through detecting signals emitted from mobile devices, our algorithm provides location analytics with improved accuracy and scalability.

We help lay the foundation of Smart City in…


  • Visitor flow management
  • Indoor wayfinding
  • Personalized services, marketing and promotion
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Food & Beverage

  • Real-time restaurant traffic
  • Manpower distribution
  • Personalized promotion
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Industry 4.0

  • Cargoes and staff tracking
  • Smart inspection
  • Safety alerting
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  • Hospital navigation
  • Health care workers monitoring
  • Infant protection
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  • Real-time traffic information
  • Smart parking
  • Smart luggage tag
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Smart Community

  • Pedestrian wayfinding system
  • Intelligent traffic signal system
  • Smart pole
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But how?

Mobile device appears in indoor.

Sensors detect signal of the devices.

We convert billions of data points to valuable information.

Immediate access to data analysis.

A few things we are better than others.


Higher accuracy than the market average.


Plug and play.

Low Cost

No intensive manual work.


No manual calibration for any size of area.


Automatic calibrations for environmental change.

Who love our services?

We are currently expanding our business from Hong Kong to the mainland, Taiwan and Netherlands, with clients in different fields ranging from fashion, electronics, bookstore, restaurant, discount store, manufacturing enterprise to public sector.

Join our smart city initiative to improve your business.

Learn from history.

March 26,2018

Was selected to be one of the 10 finalists in SPRINTER


March 19,2018

Was interviewed by Hong Kong Economic Journal


March 3,2018

Passed the Certified NB-IoT Specialist training programme


January 1,2018

Was selected to be one of the members of 3Innocity by 3HK


November 2,2017

Was selected as the 100 finalists in Elevator Pitch 2017 by HKSTP


July 12,2017

Participated the RISE 2017


June 13,2017

Moved our office to Hong Kong Science Park


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