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Author: Achiever Big Data

NB-IoT – A New Way of Communication

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been one of the top buzzwords which has been discussed in different fields ranging from logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, security to smart city. Common IoT devices include thermostats, light bulbs, door locks, fridges, and cars which connect wirelessly to a network and have the ability to transmit data. In most…
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3 Types of Heatmaps to Track Customers in Physical Locations

As mentioned in the earlier article, heatmap is one of the useful location analytics tools to understand the in-store customer journey – it visualizes which parts of your store are more popular than others using footfall data. There are basically 3 types of heatmaps in retail industry for measuring different aspects of customer behavior, including crowd counts,…
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The Myths of Customer Dwell Time – What It Can or Cannot Tell

In retail industry, dwell time is one of the most commonly used metrics to measure the engagement of customers in offline stores – believing that customers generally tend to spend more if they stay longer in the store or shopping mall. However, after some discussions among the team, it is thought that by looking at…
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